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The secret is a challenge created by Peculium PCL and to whoever finds the secret is rewarded with one million dollars. The challenge which was said to be in the works for 9 years by CEO Rashid is left with subtle hints and clues left by the CEO to help find paths to finding the secret. It is said the secret can only be found through extensive research and teamwork. Below we will show clues and hints left by the CEO and paths that may or may not be found by participants of the challenge.


Rashid the CEO created a secret Secret Challenge Slack channel.

10/6/2017, 5:43:40 AM

A user going by the name layer1gfx finds the channel and is only confirmed by Rashid with a smile " :-) "

10/6/2017, 4:12:43 PM

A user by the name of Rigorous comments on a clue found. " Memristance = " dΦm / dq "

This is the first visually transparent clue which is confirmed by Rashid and was actually found by user MaxMad.


- Rashid Comments and Hints



- Memristors

- Quetzal

- Rigorous

- Time-Stamps

- I UM 3 6 9 E V E

- 369IUM, Solidus, bird, timestamp

- Path of birds

- The Peculium Logo

- Alessandro Volta

- Nikola Tesla



-Peculium (PEC) Smart Contract and the IUM smart contract tokens

- The Map

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